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Successful sales begins with fundamentals. Sales Craft: Proven Tips, Practices and Ideas to Advance Your Sales Success is an essential resource whether you are new to sales, on the lookout to add new capabilities to your toolkit, or an experienced sales professional dedicated to continous learning and incremental improvement.

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    What’s Inside Sales Craft

    Sales Craft was written with the philosophy that things should be as simple as is practical. And this book is practical.

    Each chapter is a single, actionable sales lesson that can be read in a few minutes and applied immediately. The book stresses the importance of fundamentals and making those fundamentals a consistent part of your sales process. 

    The difference between average and exceptional often distills down to consistently executing on the basics. Sales is no different, and there is no reason to make it more complicated that it needs to be.

    Sales Craft emphasizes important truths about selling and a simple approach to better execution.


      Brendan McAdams

      Author and Founder, Kiinetics